The highly trained BlowCy staff open their black books: At Home Beauty - Blow
The highly trained BlowCy staff open their black books: At Home Beauty

The BlowCy team sheds light on the complex mechanism that our hair requires in order to be truly healthy and rebuild even without touching it.

So, since we are staying home, we considered that now is the most appropriate time to share with you some products with the best reviews from the most internationally recognized hair experts, which will care for and love your hair according to its needs.

Show your hair – the biggest asset of your appearance – investing in both the right product allies as well as the BLOW team.

Afxentis Antoniou, Marios Laos, Rafaella Loizidou and Rafaella Antoniou share their knowledge and promise to bring out your most beautiful self.

Save the products we quote, add to bag and everything else will happen on its own.

Rafaela Loizidou: 

Our green-eyed beauty urges us: for hair that needs deeper repair with higher hair restructuring, the perfect timing is now. Bounce back to reality with newly treated hair and place your bets on the professional and highly efficient OLAPLEX NO.0 in combination with OLAPLEX NO.3 for an even better result and a complete treatment.

After all, OLAPLEX granted our wish and we can now take these once-upon-a-time professional in salon products, home.

Marios Laos:

Staying at home gives time for a lot of things – relaxation, alone-time, research, rejuvenation. Marios the Great has the perfect product to include all of these. No need to do your research because he has done it for you. Kerastase 8h Magic Night Serum is the ideal product to engulf your hair with. Use your sleeping time to accomplish what your hair truly needs – rejuvenation. Hence “Magic Night Serum” it is applied at night where your hair absorbs the nutrients of this magical serum to reverse daytime damage. You’ll thank Marios when you see your hair soft, silky and definitely rejuvenated the next morning.

Afxentis Antoniou: 

This young star will tell you all you need to know about hair care. One of his all time favorites may be in a small tube but it does great things. Alterna Caviar’s CC Cream gives 10 things with just the use of 1 product: moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, anti-breakage, heat protection, light hold, UV color protection, manageability, and strength. He’s right, what else does your hair need to look absolutely beautiful, healthy, and flawless? 

Rafaella Antoniou:

Having luscious locks, Rafaella sure knows how to take care of hair. She’s obsessed with Shu Uemura’s Urban Moisture Series. If you have dry hair, Urban Moisture is the best company while staying at home. This series locks all the nutrients that the hair needs without burdening it. As for that mind-blowing, mouth-watering smell it gives your hair? There are no words. #trustrafaella

Want more? Stay tuned until next Thursday.